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As a seasoned professional real estate agent, with nearly 30 years of negotiating higher than normal sales results, Kelly’s flair for building strong connection with her clients on a personal level, fosters trust which directly translates into a higher profit for her owners.

With her thorough understanding of the emotional process of buying property, she masterfully positions the properties that she sells, to resonate with potential buyers. Her insight into the psychology of buyers enables her to highlight the unique aspects of the property to each and every buyer as an individual, allowing buyers to envision their future there. As a result, buyers are willing to pay a premium for the property, recognizing the additional value Kelly has helped them realize.

She is an adept strategist who leaves no stone unturned when securing the best possible price for her sellers. With a track record of achieving above-market prices, sellers trust Kelly to advocate for their interests while maintaining a respectful and transparent negotiation process, whereby both seller and buyer come out winners.

Beyond her role as a real-estate agent, Kelly’s own personal experience as a property developer, renovator and home stylist, further solidifies her credibility as being a knowledgeable and trusted industry leader in every facet of real estate. This experience allows her to provide her selling clients with expert guidance on trends in property presentation, design and features. It also allows Kelly to connect buyers to properties that provide the lifestyle and living environment that they hadn’t realized they were looking for.

In a world where authenticity and care can make all the difference, Kelly is the embodiment of a real estate agent who puts her heart and soul into her work. With a proven track record of remarkable results, unwavering client dedication, and a commitment to forging enduring relationships, Kelly is more than just an agent to her client. She becomes a trusted friend.

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