Top Reasons to Buy a House in Perth

If every day was the weekend where would you go? Would you relax on the beach or would you embrace nature and go on a bushwalk? Maybe you would prefer a wine tour. There’s a place where you can do all of this and more in just one day, because it’s all just a stone’s throw from the city centre. Welcome to Perth. 

When you buy a home in Perth you get the benefits of this great lifestyle and a whole lot more. There are plenty of great reasons to buy a house in Perth and they range from finance to family, and beyond! Luckily for you, we’ve put together the 5 best reasons to buy a home in Perth, making your decision to move buy in Australia’s paradise, even easier. 

  1. Live That Lifestyle

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of the beach, bush and fine wine, and none of that is an exaggeration. Perth combines the serenity of nature with the practicality of the big city. One of the best features of Perth is undoubtedly it’s the relationship with the sun. You can always count on a 20 degree day in Perth. It has more access to the sun than any other Australian city, making for warm summers and mild winters. 

  1. Liveability for the Whole Family

Perth combines the benefits of isolation with excellent connectivity to create the perfect getaway and a hub of productivity all in one. Its excellent infrastructure means the road networks can take you anywhere from the vibrant city to the tranquillity of its parks and gardens. The health, education, and jobs sectors are historically strong and there are a great range of restaurants and bars for your free time. When it comes to raising a family, the outer suburbs of Perth are the place to be with great schools and parklands. 

  1. An Investors Delight

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of the property itself! Perth’s property market continues to be simultaneously strong, and accessible for all levels of investors. With an experienced property manager, anyone can benefit. South Perth is a great example of this. The median house price is more than $1million but there are also properties closer to $450,000 that experience the same high rental returns and the benefit of being in a great area. 

  1. People Power

Perth continues to experience great growth in terms of it population and this means great things when you’re considering buying a property in Perth. As a homebuyer it means that infrastructure and amenities are sure to continue to pop up to support a vibrant population. For investors it means demand for homes. Invest in an apartment, a family home, or even a villa depending on the area and benefit from the needs of a growing population. 

  1. Diversity

Perth has diversity for people and property. When it comes to properties, Perth has a range of heritage buildings, units, modern homes and much more. This suits the wide range of young singles, families and retirees. Combine this with the benefits of lifestyle and there’s no question as to why you should buy property in Perth.

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