Why are our property managers are your secret weapon?


Owning an investment property should be a welcome source of income, not a source of stress. Fortunately, we offer services to take the hassle out of your hands and make the success of your property our own responsibility. Choosing quality property managers in Perth is all part of your investment. There are many property management companies in Perth to choose from but at Jones Ballard, we’ll make sure that our property managers will be your secret weapon.


Our team of 8 property managers


The 8 remarkable women who make up our property management team have solidified their positions within the real estate industry through their exceptional skills and abilities. With a breadth of knowledge in property management, this highly proficient and professional group is further supported by a dedicated team to assist them in the management of your rental properties.


Our process

We will meet with you at your property to establish your needs and from thereon contact you on a regular basis leading up to your property being leased. One property manager is then appointed to liaise with prospective tenants, providing you with written reports after each and every viewing with your property. Once we receive an application for a lease, we conduct a thorough and comprehensive background check to ensure that the applicant is well suited for your property. Not only do we pride ourselves as a team of high-quality staff, but we also screen for high-quality tenants who will look after your investment nicely.



Everything is built on trust

It is important to leave a valuable asset to someone who you can trust, and which is why we prioritised assembling a trustworthy and approachable team. No matter the nature of the relationship, whether it is personal or business in nature, trust is the fundamental aspect that makes any partnership run smoothly together and independently.

When it comes to landlords who own multiple properties, it is essential to have a personal and trusting relationship with a singular property manager who has come to know you well. This translates easily to the management of your portfolio, leaving fewer hurdles and hoops to jump through to receive a consistent service.


Minimising risks and maximising return


Have you ever worried about landing a nightmare tenant? With property management service offered by Jones Ballard, you won’t have to be kept up all night wondering if the rent will be paid. Our property managers regularly conduct rental reviews to ensure a maximised return. We operate by minimising all risks and by upholding a high, professional standard, which combined with the rapport we form with your tenant’s results in 98.5% of tenants paying on time.


Ask us how we do it! We understand that your busy lives and responsibilities unfortunately take you away from independently managing your important assets, and that’s why it is through this understanding that we work with you and your investment with the utmost respect. If you have investment properties that need the extra love and care that they deserve, the friendly team at Jones Ballard are only a simple enquiry away. Click here to get in touch.

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