Why The Listing Price is Critical


If you are contemplating selling your property, it is vitally important to consider what the listing price will be, and what motivates potential buyers.

Quite often, and quite understandably, Sellers form an emotional view as to what their property may be worth. There are usually many happy memories attached to a home, and it is typically a safe haven in which to live and bring up a family.

However, buyers tend to take a more pragmatic approach when purchasing a home, and so price is often a critical consideration.

Therefore, the very best way to achieve the market value for your home, and to give you the best chance of selling in a reasonable time frame, is to ensure it is priced in accordance with market sales evidence, rather than on emotion.

Jones Ballard Property Group has access to the most up to date sales evidence within your area, and as such, we’re in an ideal position to provide you with an accurate estimate of what your home may be worth today.

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