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Six Essential Steps to Buying Property

For first home buyers and experienced professionals alike, buying property is an important and exciting decision. It might represent your first family home or maybe it’s the key to your investment success. Whatever you’re buying a property for, there are a range of steps that you need to take to... Read More

Post by Jones Ballard 12 Nov 2015 0

Four Ways to Sell a Home that You Need to Know

So you’ve decided to sell your house – congratulations! Deciding to sell can be a great financial decision let alone a strong life decision. Selling gives you the freedom to upgrade or downgrade and move into an exciting new phase in your life. There’s more than one way to sell a home and some... Read More

Post by Jones Ballard 04 Nov 2015 0

Selling Property at Auction – the Benefits

When it comes time to make major financial decisions, people want to explore all of their options. When we’re buying a new appliance, we’ll shop around for the best price and when we’re looking for a new car, we make decisions about financing. Selling property involves one of the largest financial... Read More

Post by Jones Ballard 30 Oct 2015 0

Important Reasons For Hiring a Property Manager

There’s only one reason to own and rent out an investment property and that’s to make money. Maximising profit is great in theory but making money in the property market isn’t always easy. If you’ve got the property but you lack the time or the expertise to manage your property then you need a... Read More

Post by Jones Ballard 17 Sep 2015 0

10 Must-Dos Before Selling Your House

Selling your house, apartment or other property can be an overwhelming process. Preparation is key to make sure that it doesn’t get the better of you. There are a whole host of things to consider, but luckily for you we have you covered. Here are the 10 “Must-Dos” before selling your... Read More

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5 Great Reasons to Stage Your Property Before Selling

Your home is your castle but when it comes to selling prepare to be scrutinised. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a home without looking over it with a critical eye.  If you’re preparing to sell, consider dressing your property up for sale to maximise your profits. What is Property... Read More

Post by Jones Ballard 01 Sep 2015 0