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Getting Ready for Winter Storms

According to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, “Storms are the most common natural hazard in Australia, can cause millions of dollars worth of damage, and pose a threat to people and property”.They recommend a number of tips to minimise the risk that storm damage can do, such... Read More

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Reserve Bank Official Cash Rates

At its recent monthly Board Meeting held on the 3rd July 2018, the Reserve Bank Board kept official cash rates at a record low of 1.5%. It is now over 90 months or 7 and a half years since the official cash rate has risen in Australia.Here is a snapshot of rate movements since November 3rd 2010... Read More

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The Foreign Resident Capital Gains Withholding Regime

Published by REIWABackgroundThe Australian Tax Office (ATO) has a withholding regime that attempts to ensure people, who are deemed foreign residents, and sell property are paying their capital gains tax obligations prior to the proceeds  from the sale being moved off-shore.What property sales... Read More

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How to Attract and Keep Quality Tenants

For many landlords, finding high quality tenants is like striking gold. It’s not an easy thing to do but when you’re successful you continue to enjoy the benefits for years to come. Finding quality tenants is only half the challenge though. You also have to keep them, otherwise you’ll find yourself... Read More

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Seven Steps to Being a Successful Landlord

For many people, investing in property will be one of the best decisions that they make. It is an opportunity to diversify your portfolio, an easy way to earn some extra money and a great little nest egg for the future. Unfortunately, managing an investment property can also be a stressful process,... Read More

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Six Things to Do Before Buying a House

Finding your dream home or ideal investment property can be an emotional time, even for the most experienced buyer. You might be excited about the places the children will play, your interior decoration plans or the potential for a lifelong investment strategy. But before you let your mind wonder –... Read More

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