Important Reasons For Hiring a Property Manager

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17. September 2015 12:39

There’s only one reason to own and rent out an investment property and that’s to make money. Maximising profit is great in theory but making money in the property market isn’t always easy. If you’ve got the property but you lack the time or the expertise to manage your property then you need a professional property manager. Here are 10 great reasons to hire a professional property manager. 

  1. Set the Right Rates

How much should you charge for your rental property? Too high and you’ll scare renters away and too low and you’re getting ripped off. With expert knowledge and a thorough research ethic, a good property manager will strike the perfect balance for you. 

  1. Fill Vacancies with Great Tenants

Finding tenants for your property can be hard enough but finding good tenants can be even harder. Your property manager will take care of both of these steps, searching for tenants and screening out those who will lose you money in lost rent payments, damage, and legal fees. 

  1. Tenant Management

The tenant-landlord relationship is a time consuming, multifaceted one and once you find good tenants you want to keep them. Your professional property manager will take care of all of that, managing everything from maintenance to inspections and more! 

  1. Reel in That Rent

Securing payments from clients on time isn’t always easy so employ a professional property management team. These experts have tested techniques to ensure on-time payments, which means consistent cash flow for you! 

  1. Laws and Regulations

You’re not a property expert who knows the laws and regulations that you need to abide by but your property manager is. With a professional property manager you can avoid legal action and ensure that your operation is in line with regulation. 

  1. Multiple, Long Distance Investments

If you want to reap the benefits of multiple units and are investing over several geographic regions then you need a property manager. Their teams can be where you can’t, ensuring a diverse and stable property portfolio. 

  1. Marketing and Advertising

Ensure that your voice is heard in a very loud property market with advertising and marketing expertise. Your professional property manager will have the know-how and experience to promote your property. 

  1. Maximise Money!

Your profit can skyrocket with a property manager looking after the running of your income property. Why? Because they know all the tricks of the trade and it frees you up to explore other opportunities, either at work or through other investments. 

  1. Save Time!

Kick a ball, spend time with the kids or dine with your partner. These are all things that you can do while a property manager takes care of the day-to-day and long term running of your investment. 

  1. Peace of Mind for You

Property managers are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced. By putting your property in their hands you will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the long-term benefits. 

If you’re looking for a property manager in Perth then contact the team at Jones Ballard Property Management. With offices in Como and Bull Creek we are South Perth’s property management experts.


10 Must-Dos Before Selling Your House

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9. September 2015 12:34

Selling your house, apartment or other property can be an overwhelming process. Preparation is key to make sure that it doesn’t get the better of you. There are a whole host of things to consider, but luckily for you we have you covered. Here are the 10 “Must-Dos” before selling your house. 

  1. Compile Your Papers

Before doing anything else make sure you have all the papers that prospective buyers might want to see. This means operating manuals, applicable warranties and even any notes you have about the colours on your walls. 

  1. Perfect the Price 

Get estimates and find out what your home is worth before jumping into the market. Once you do this you can talk to your trusted agent about reducing that price to promote competition, or other great strategies. 

  1. No Overboard Upgrades

Quick fixes that make your house look new are always great but you probably won’t make your money back on a mammoth home improvement. Make sure your property looks up to scratch and let the buyer’s imagination take over from there. 

  1. De-Clutter and De-Personalise

Don’t fall into the trap of leaving your holiday memorabilia and your decorations out on display. By removing the clutter and the personal items you present a blank canvas to homebuyers, and one that seems to have plenty of space!  

  1. Keep it Squeaky Clean

Does it sound obvious? Maybe. It is necessary? Absolutely! A clean home is an inviting one and a property that’s worth much more. Think of the little things too, like the decade of dirt that might be on your blinds, or the smell of one hundred meals that occupies your oven. 

  1. Don’t Forget the Garden!

If you have a back yard and a front yard don’t forget to do the gardening and maybe even some detailed landscaping that gives your outdoor space a nice shape. 

  1. All the World’s a Stage

All the world’s a stage or so said William Shakespeare and the same applies with your apartment or home. Property staging is getting your house presentation-ready with a professional who will accentuate the positives, minimise the negatives and get a better sale price for you. 

  1. Sell the Kitchen, Sell the Home

Revamping this room with a new counter may only cost a few thousand dollars but you can lose tens of thousands if your kitchen looks dated. Try a neutral colour for the kitchen so the buyer has a blank canvas for their style and needs. 

  1. No Kids, No Pets

You love your family and your feathered friends but they make mess, they make smells and they can be unappealing to new buyers. Send them off to grandmas for a while to promote a clean, relaxing environment. 

  1. Take a Few Photos

You’ve made memories in this house and while you’re moving on it will always be a part of your life. Take the time to snap some photos so you can always remember the days that were. 

If you’re ready to sell your house in Perth here’s a bonus tip, invest in a great estate agent. The team at Jones Ballard Property Group are ready and waiting with their expertise that can help you sell your home for more. Contact us today!


5 Great Reasons to Stage Your Property Before Selling

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1. September 2015 16:45

Your home is your castle but when it comes to selling prepare to be scrutinised. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a home without looking over it with a critical eye.  If you’re preparing to sell, consider dressing your property up for sale to maximise your profits. 

What is Property Staging?

Said simply, property staging or property dressing helps your home to appeal to the greatest number of prospective buyers. With a bit of creativity you can highlight your home’s strengths and downplay its weaknesses, helping it out when it goes under the hammer. Sounds great right? But for some reason many people still avoid property staging, thinking it’s too expensive and too much work for not enough value. This couldn’t be further from the truth and to prove it here are 5 great reasons to stage your property before selling. 

1. Staging is Not Decorating!

Many people think that they don’t have to stage their home because their home is already beautifully decorated. Always remember, art is subjective, and no matter how much you love your style, not everyone else will. Staging is about creating an atmosphere that lets prospective buyers use their imagination, allowing them to see their vision. 

2. First Impressions Count

In the homebuyers market first impressions really do count. With a properly staged house your home will look simple, inviting and genuine, helping to create an environment that anyone would want to live in. 

3. Put a Pin in Procrastination

One of the other difficult parts of selling your home is packing up all those personal pieces in preparation for the move. Your stager will want to put away those holiday knick knacks and strange statues that you might have collected, helping you to prepare your home. 

4. Sell Your Home Faster

Selling your home for the right price can be a long and stressful process. You can make that easier with home staging. By creating a friendly, open environment that lets the buyer’s imagination run wild, you will have offers lining up at the door. 

5. The Price is Right with Staging

And of course one the most important thing about selling your home, the money! You can get the best price on offer by staging a home. A professional will guide you in crafting a desirable living environment. With increased competition comes climbing offers, ensuring that you will be happy with that final figure. Whether your home is going from good to great, or you just want to punch above your weight, dressing your home will get you the money you need to pursue your next dream. 

Are you selling your home in Perth?

Home staging is one of the weapons in your arsenal. Another is your leading real estate agent.

Contact the team at Jones Ballard Property Group at our Como or Bull Creek offices today to get the best price for your home!


Top Reasons to Buy a House in Perth

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1. September 2015 12:32

If every day was the weekend where would you go? Would you relax on the beach or would you embrace nature and go on a bushwalk? Maybe you would prefer a wine tour. There’s a place where you can do all of this and more in just one day, because it’s all just a stone’s throw from the city centre. Welcome to Perth. 

When you buy a home in Perth you get the benefits of this great lifestyle and a whole lot more. There are plenty of great reasons to buy a house in Perth and they range from finance to family, and beyond! Luckily for you, we’ve put together the 5 best reasons to buy a home in Perth, making your decision to move buy in Australia’s paradise, even easier. 

  1. Live That Lifestyle

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of the beach, bush and fine wine, and none of that is an exaggeration. Perth combines the serenity of nature with the practicality of the big city. One of the best features of Perth is undoubtedly it’s the relationship with the sun. You can always count on a 20 degree day in Perth. It has more access to the sun than any other Australian city, making for warm summers and mild winters. 

  1. Liveability for the Whole Family

Perth combines the benefits of isolation with excellent connectivity to create the perfect getaway and a hub of productivity all in one. Its excellent infrastructure means the road networks can take you anywhere from the vibrant city to the tranquillity of its parks and gardens. The health, education, and jobs sectors are historically strong and there are a great range of restaurants and bars for your free time. When it comes to raising a family, the outer suburbs of Perth are the place to be with great schools and parklands. 

  1. An Investors Delight

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of the property itself! Perth’s property market continues to be simultaneously strong, and accessible for all levels of investors. With an experienced property manager, anyone can benefit. South Perth is a great example of this. The median house price is more than $1million but there are also properties closer to $450,000 that experience the same high rental returns and the benefit of being in a great area. 

  1. People Power

Perth continues to experience great growth in terms of it population and this means great things when you’re considering buying a property in Perth. As a homebuyer it means that infrastructure and amenities are sure to continue to pop up to support a vibrant population. For investors it means demand for homes. Invest in an apartment, a family home, or even a villa depending on the area and benefit from the needs of a growing population. 

  1. Diversity

Perth has diversity for people and property. When it comes to properties, Perth has a range of heritage buildings, units, modern homes and much more. This suits the wide range of young singles, families and retirees. Combine this with the benefits of lifestyle and there’s no question as to why you should buy property in Perth.

If you want to buy a home in Perth or want assistance with investment and property management then contact the expert team at Jones Ballard Property Management.


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